gay marriage rights jennifer hudson

If you want to get married to someone, you should be allowed.  Period.

Specially if it leads to co-health care (free!) (Heck I couldn’t afford to have it if I wasn’t married!)  (Part of the reason I stay married actually!) and don’t forget all the extra discounts for the one your adore.  Just by being married!!

Marriage by all means must be a right we humans have.  Even if you are gay, bi or living solo on Mars (because you’ve moved there to get away from you spouse).

The actual term ‘marriage’ is what gets people all riled up.  But whatever it’s called it means the same thing:  Everlasting love with one person till death.  (Kinda makes marriage scary huh??) (Go back up to the health care thing)

That said, my buddy, an amazing actor on the verge of being discovered, is in Jennifer Hudson’s new Right to Marriage video.  He does a great job as the struggling I-can’t-believe-my-son-is-gay father whose happy gay son is now getting married to his true love, a man.  It’s very well done and I hope you like it and pass it on!   And, if you really like Mike McCann (dad in the video) – please tell him!  Or say it on Jennifer Hudson’s Link!  He is a gifted actor so close to some big roles!