Jeff Rossen TV Reporter is Successful Investigative News Reporter


Jeff Rossen TV Reporter is Successful Investigative News Reporter.

If you’ve never seen him on the Today Show, you are missing out.  Not only does he have great on-camera presence, he’s curious…and he’s tenacious.

Just look at the video below.  How long did he have to rehearse this moment of the ‘criminal’ walking by???  That’s amazing and shows skill and persistence at doing well.

Not everyone is recognized by the things they do at work.  I’m sure you have seen others do good jobs at their positions…and say NOTHING.

How awesome would this world be if we started acknowledging people when they do well? Jeff Rossen impresses me constantly…so I’m letting you all know (because I don’t know how  to find him directly – I have tried…but I tell you so that not only will you watch him and enjoy him (a guy who cares and makes good news worldly) but that you notice ‘good efforts’ in others and share so that others know they are making a difference.

How cool is that!?

And if you are thinking what many others think, “I’m not going to say anything…these people already KNOW they are good, or pretty or successful…”

Do they?

How do you know?

Sometimes the prettiest people don’t get any compliments because everyone thinks like you do?

If a thought comes into your brain that someone is good or different or pretty.  Tell them.  It’s God talking to you telling you that this person you are thinking about needs to hear it.  So share. Tell.  Spread good feelings.  You will make others feel good and of course you will make yourself feel good too.  Yah!

Oh and click now to watch the unbelievable 51 second Jeff Rossen video below!