Immigration Employee Mistake


Immigration employee mistake?  I personally can’t imagine what life is like for anyone working for the US Government Immigration.  

Driving from AZ to CA, The Border Patrol is set up to stop all cars for miles.  

As I pass…they stop me in my fashionable minivan.   Clearly an American Mom doing who knows what?

As I pass, the immigration employee is staring at me.  I stop as he directs and then I roll down my window.

The officer stares at me and says, “Plastic Dishes?”


So not wanting to sound disrepectable, I asked it outloud, “What?”

He stands up taller, annoyed and repeats, “Plastic dishes?” 

I’m so confused as I continue to stare at him.  Maybe I’m missing something. Did he think I had plastic dishes because I’m a mom in a minivan?  Maybe the bad guys were smuggling drugs into the US by sticking them into pastic dishes?  I didn’t know nor did I want to assume anything but my mind was flushed with worry.  What if I had plastic dishes in the trunk that I forgot about…and he did a car search and found that indeed they were processed at some manufacturing plant where there WERE drugs and the drugs got on my plastic Dishes and now I was going to have to go to jail???  OH BOY!!

I tried to calm myself down….and compose myself enough just to respond back to him with his own words.  So I said, “Plastic dishes?  I’m not sure what that means?”

He looks down at me as if I were an ant that he was willing and ready to squish and shouted, “PLANTS or CITRUS!” 


I hesitated on making a comment as to why his mom or his boss or even the government that hired him didn’t teach him to speak clearly, but I really didn’t feel like sitting in immigration for hours because I was a smart ass….so I said, “ah……no plants or citrus sir…”

He rolled his eyes and walked away.

I drove off…still not sure if I made his day at the immigration office or not but he sure made mine interesting!