How To Photo Bomb a Photo


How to photo bomb a photo?  Watch…be brave…and jump in!  I only do this at the airport.  (Well…I only admit to doing it at the airport!)

how to photo bombPhoto bombing is hilarious when people don’t know you.  I’m sure there are thousands of photos of me all over the world!

While my family thinks it’s annoying…I think it’s hilarious! As do the people when they notice I’ve bombed them!

Why? Life if short!  Don’t be an old snob!!  Lighten up and enjoy and laugh!!

Chances are they don’t even notice you until a few days or weeks or how to photo bombmonths later!  And then after the shock, they laugh!  Well I do.  That’s why I do it now.

Another way to have fun during the
day!  You have to find those opportunities wherever you can!!