how to love yourself

Do you love you?  How do you know?

Looking at your daily commitments is one way to measure your self worth. 

Are you good at making daily commitments?  More importantly, are you good at keeping them? 

Do you say you’ll wake up at 6am, and snooze till 9am? 
Do you say you’ll go to sleep at 9pm and then get on the internet and before you know it, the clock says, “12:45AM”?
Do you say you’ll meet with a friend or co-worker at a certain time and date and then cancel or delay that appointment/meeting because you lost track of time, didn’t feel like going or just felt like doing something else?  

I’m from Chicago and every since I moved to Los Angeles, I’ve been shocked at how often (I hate to say this, but it’s just from experience) people who live in the town of “La-La” don’t keep their word….and on top of it…they don’t care that they don’t keep their word.  They make a date or appointment and just blow it off.  It’s just become so normal people don’t commit or expect anything anymore….it’s become the California way!  

Thankfully, I refuse to let my children (all born in CA) to live this way, and when I know they have said they will do something or be somewhere, they go and arrive there on time

Over the years, I stopped being annoyed at these people and just learned it’s a way of life out here for some people and after one or two times, and figuring out who these people are, I stop making plans with them or if I do make plans, I expect nothing.

Dr. Pat Allen, author and possibly the best, most insightful and intelligent  relationship expert I’ve ever read or listened to, has a saying worth repeating:  “I believe that the ONLY way we know we love ourselves or anyone else is by the commitments we are willing to make and keep! The daily, consistent, attentive keeping of all agreements requires a sacrifice of narcissistic ego that many are unwilling to make.”

how to love yourselfThere is nothing more to say!  Except….yeah!