How To Be UnPredictable

how to be unpredictable

Predictable is boring.

When u make plans for the next day….God laughs.

So be different. Do something different.  Quit being mooring and predictable.

With your husband:  It’s the same thing every day.  The same coffee, the same way you kiss in the morning, the same way you kiss in bed.  Today…this week…this month…next month – do something different – on a date, in the car, in the bed.  (not so that he thinks you are having an affair but so that he’s rejuvenated to treat you the same way) (if he doesn’t – don’t worry – YOU be the change you need in your relationship!) Cook him a solo dinner for the two of you.
Take him on a walk he’s never been on.
Text him some sexy memory you both shared during the day to have him think of you…and be excited to see you later.
how to be sexyGreet him at the door with a raincoat – under be naked.
Wear a skirt and be naked underneath – give him a peek.
Men are simple.  They need food, sex (they see and think with their eyes) and words of appreciation.

With your day:  Are your days boring and predictable?  Whose fault is that?
Take the stairs.
Park far from the grocery store so you have to walk in.
Go to a new grocery store.
Take a bath.
Buy a candle – light it.
Read a book.
Read a magazine.
Read a page from something.

With your kids:  Kids like routine…but even they get bored.
Make cookies.
Do their hair.
Tell them a story from when you were a kid!
Call your parent and have them tell your kids a story about you!
Eat dinner at the kitchen table together!
Give them a cook book and tell them to pick one thing they want to make and then make them the whole next week (if you have one kid – have them pick three/four/five recipes!)
Laugh.  About anything.
Google knock knock jokes and laugh together.
Search youtube for funny animal videos and laugh more!

It’s your life.  You make it what you want.  Don’t you want it to be amazing??

Then do something about it!

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