Girls hockey

I’m one of those parents that doesn’t like kids in sports because it ruins my travel plans.

Team competitions always seem to happen on a holiday weekend when I’m ready to pack and get out of town!

Hockey is something my kids seem to have clamped onto.  Maybe because my husband is from Philly?  Maybe because we live in Southern CA with no snow and my kids have a dying need to be live and understand how to be one with the ice?  Or maybe because my kids know how cheap I am and picked a sport that has the plans to bankrupt any family with more than one kid needing equipment and gear.

Bottom line?  They are all pretty good, but my daughter seems to be doing the best.  This weekend her new LA Kings All Girls team had a ‘tournament” at the Kings famous Staples Center in downtown LA.  It was pretty cool and she was so excited…which is all that matters.  Specially when Fox Sports did a video on them too.

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