Face Painting Worth Noting

When I hear, “Face painting Mommy!”  I want to run, kiel over, pretend to have a heart attack.

It’s such a waste: the time waiting in line, the time your kid has to sit there, oh..and the cost.

Specially after a two-second look at themselves in the mirror…they rub their face, wipe their nose, bite any type of food or drink.  Then that costly paint job turns into a Van Gogh abstract.  (don’t know if he did abstracts, it just sounded better with his name.)

But on this day below….I caved.  Not because I was convinced or prodded, but because the face painting was THAT good.  AND I had my camera – a nice thing when you remember to take a photo – cause even if the kid messes it up…the memory is in the camera!

Bummer I can’t paint.

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