Fashion police please help her

It was a lovely wedding!

I noticed the beautiful Bride.

I noticed the gorgeous Groom.

I noticed…the PHOTOGRAPHER????

Did she wake up thinking, “For this girls’ once-in-a-life-time very-expensive wedding…I’ll wear something drab, color-clashing and frumpy since no one notices the photographer anyway.”

Maybe the Bride asked her to break out into a “clown” routine?

Wedding photographers are to be discreet, hidden, fit-into-crowd.

If a photographer wants to ‘stand out’, do two things:  1)Take GREAT photos 2) Show how easy it is to get 30-40 Spanish speaking relatives in four lines for a photo when the photographer can’t speak Spanish.

You’ll notice them then.

Even her hair!   Sorry….I need to stop….this is a nice, kind and motivating website.

Hope you learned something…don’t be frumpy in public!

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