I’m a smart girl. Any credit card that pays you ‘something back’ is always a good thing.Airline miles are a pain in the ass with them getting cheaper and cheaper.

My new favorite is Costco American Express becasue they give CASH back at the end of the year.

Can you say, “Hellooooo cool?” 

Two years ago I was told by a guy at American Express that my refund would be $800 (yes, I buy everything on a credit card(pay it off in full each month) but then I have a tracking of what and where I spent.)

I waited….and waited…and waited for this Costco refund ‘check’ to come in the mail and it never came.

Or so I thought. After calling American Express, I discovered that my check did come…on page 7 of a random monthly statment (they notified me in teeny tiny print on the front page of my statement that my check was on the last page – but who looks at that? And I throw out anything that doesn’t have personal information on it because most of it is junk ads anyway.)

So my page-7-attached-to-my-statement-check was in the trash months ago. In fact, I’d gotten that check so long ago even if I still had it, it wasn’t any good. (American Express only gives you 4 months to cash it!)

So I went on a panicked calling spree. I called American Express, I called Costco Corporate claiming “Bull shit! Bull shit! Bull shit!” No one cared. “Sorry You missed your refund check? Too bad. Not our problem.”

Me: “Didn’t anyone wonder why I didn’t cash my $816 check?”

Them; “We don’t offer that service.” (Course they don’t! They obviously hope people don’t see it! Heck, hire me for free and I’ll keep up on that job taking a % from people that miss it! Could make a fortune!)

After almost all of my hair was pulled from my stressed scalp, I met my new favorite writer, Quentin Fottrell. Quentin Fottrell works for the Wall Street Journal and Smart Money publications and was the answer to many a restful nights. Within 24 hours, Quentin reached out to the CEO of Costco (gotta find people that have these numbers!) and the response was so positive. I was thanked for my business and told to get another copy of the check (even if it said ‘voided’ on it from American Express) and bring it to my local Costco and they would give me (not cash) but a store credit!

Yeah! Thank you Costco. Thank you Quentin! And thank you to the CEO of Costco for doing the right thing and giving a customer a postive experience. I was so happy.

So if you tossed your statement and lost your Cash Back Reward Check from Costco, get another copy of that check from American Express and head to your local Costco. You shop there cause you love them and they will only add to your love affair.

And remember…when someone unjustly says, “No…” Stand up and fight. (just don’t get hit)

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