The doctor’s office called. I left my sunglasses at their office.

The bargain pair of sunglasses I bought in Venice at some cheap stand for $5….FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!!!  I still have them!

Cause the expensive ones…?  The ones costing $200+, I lose within hours of purchasing. One pair I bought, went to dinner and left them at the restaurant table. The restaurant knows nothing.  Another time I went straight to a private house party and never saw them again.

Of course the ‘Venice’ ones have been lost dozens of time, but have some kind of magnet spell on them that strangers will go out of their way to flag me down in crowds. Like the teenager that chased me for a block before handing me my old and scratched eyeshades.  Or the 300 lb woman that sat on them and they didn’t even crack!

Yes….the good ones we lose…but the cheap ones stick with us for…well…ever.

Hmmm…that’s kinda like my mantra on high school boyfriends.