Beware: Potential Scam on Toyota Engine Cap


Beware if you own a Toyota Sienna.  You could be a possible victim of a Scam on loose Engine Cap.

I don’t know cars. Do you? Do you know when something is wrong?  Can you trust your car mechanic? Do you have a car Mechanic??

Lots to think about but after what I just experienced, I had to share!!

The “Check Engine” light popped up on my Toyota Sienna as we were just about to hit the highway for a 6-hour drive.  Worried about a car crash mid-highway, I instead drove to my American Tire Dept.  (I say ‘my’ because they do everything there. Not just tires!!  They do my whole car!!) And I’ve always thought there were honest.

Until this gas-cap thing…when I found out how truly honest they are!

I’m not going to type the story because I explain it in the video below…but because of them…I did not have to pay $2,000 for a new engine!  (What someone else may have charged me!)