Best Shaved Ice in Los Angeles Brian’s


Best Shaved Ice in Los Angeles Brian’s 

Every since I had Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Hawaii, I’ve become a Shaved Ice Snob.
If it’s not light, fluffy and covered with the sugary-milk stuff, I won’t touch it.  

Then Groupon offered a certificate to Brian’s Shaved Ice off Olympic in West Los Angeles.

I’m not a fan of dessert, and if I have to drive thirty minutes in LA traffic to eat it?  NO WAY.
But on a hunt to find the best shaved ice in Los Angeles, I was willing to try.

Fast forward to last month when we visited Brian’s Shaved Ice.  Not only was BRIAN in the store, he was serving and cleaning tables!

Best of all, his Shaved Ice was so good, I told my husband to get a second Groupon!

The faces after hearing “You have to share…”

You get to choose the flavors, the toppings and even what ice cream hides beneath the shaved ice!  

If you are up on the West Side of Los Angeles, do NOT miss trying this Shaved Ice.  


I need to stop typing so I can go there now!


Brian’s Shaved Ice
11301 W Olympic Blvd  Ste 103
West Los Angeles

(310) 231-3450


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