Best Restaurant in Monteray, CA – Alvarado Fish & Steak House


Best Restaurant in Monteray, CA – Alvarado Fish & Steak House!

We were tired.
And just wanted to eat someplace fast.

After our long drive from LA, someone at our Monterey hotel suggested a few local places and out we went…in the rain…all 10 of us.  (2 adults and 6 hungry children).

We stumbled upon Alvarado Fish and Steakhouse.

IMG_3414 (1)Thankfully they were able to accommodate our large party right in the middle of their restaurant.  (the guy in the middle of the photo was actually a guy we met at the restaurant…Saheed, from Quatar, in town for a motorcycle race!) (so this place even has friendly guests too!) Very soon a young man with dark hair came by to take our drink order.  He was nice and sweet and when I ordered a vodka, he told me he could give me a wine vodka.  I’m not a fan of wine. At all. So when he offered that drink, I said no thanks.  I ordered water instead.  He said, “I may be able to help you…”  And with that he took our food order.

Best restaurant in Monterey - AlvaradoAfter our drinks all came, I noticed we hadn’t seen him in awhile.  Suddenly he shows up with what I wanted:  My vodka drink.  I was beyond impressed.  Where did he get it?? How??  He wouldn’t tell me…nor would anyone else who worked with him tell me.  But it didn’t matter.

This waiter knew his guest wanted something and he went out of his way to make it happen….and didn’t even charge me for it.  (must be something to do with the laws) (they may not be able to ‘sell’ alcohol.)

Best restaurant in Monterey - AlvaradoBut let’s look at this for a moment, shall we.  INSANE!!!  INSANE service!!  Go out of your way for a guest and then not make a penny on it???  Who does that??

I was sold.  The food was insanely good too! We had fun, our kids had fun and we ate so well.  And the service?  All though our meal there were 3 other people coming and going serving our table, bringing drinks, clearing items, refills, etc.  Who were these other helping employees that seemed to be so glad they were working our table??  We were celebrities? And no one told us???

Best restaurant in Monterey - AlvaradoMost interesting part?  We found out later, our waiter was one of the owners.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a restaurant and felt so taken are of.  In fact, I’ve NEVER been taken care of like this in a restaurant.

Bottom line:  If you are in Monteray, and want an excellent snack/lunch or dinner, stop by the Alvarado Fish & Steakhouse.  You’ll be so glad you did.

Ask for owner:  John (Great guy!)
481 Alvarado St, Monterey, CA 93940