how to find a great guy

Most people go into marriage or any relationship expecting so much.  
Marriage and love is not about what you get, it’s what you give.

how to find a great guyMy Indian neighbors were from an arranged marriage.  The man went home to see his family not knowing all his relatives were visiting at that same time…to see him get married!  And he had a girlfriend (2) back in the US!!  He was a good Indian boy and followed his parents wishes and married the beyond amazing girl they picked for him.  They both laugh and admit they hated each other the first 5 years, but now they are insanely happy saying, “You American’s do marriage backwards….you marry at the tip-top of your relationship….all that can happen is downward movement.  In an arranged marriage, you start at the bottom….all that can happen is you go up!”

It’s a great way to live and to be.  I so appreciate the culture and believe it can work and be fantastic!
(Um….but…I would never frigging do it…)