Best reason why i love move

Kids movies these days are sometimes more fun than adult films!  The writing is so clever that laughing and crying are just commonplace.

In Frozen, the story line is so unique, you don’t see the ‘sexy male’ in the beginning turning evil…but you do see the familiar Disney patter of “let’s kill Mom in the first 15 minutes of the film!”  Only this time, they kill of Dad too.  Very quick.  And painless.  Parents head off to sea, boat rides a wave in storm, boat disappears….done.

But there were some great lines in some of the awesome songs.  One of which I liked so much I took out my phone and sent it to my home computer:

“People make bad choices if they’re scared, mad or stressed….throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best!”

It’s a good mantra!  And a great way to live your life every day.  Even if the scared, mad or stressed person doesn’t respond.  Do it for yourself!!  By loving freely, you lose absolutely NOTHING…and gain the feeling of freedom that no one will ever take from you…and when you love freely, without expectations, you are living an authentic life.

Go see the movie!