Best Quote: Closed Mouth Never Gets Fed


A Closed Mouth Never gets fed.

What does that mean??

It means you have to speak up.  Saying nothing gets you nothing.  You want something. SAY something.  But also remember to say it with kindness.  Demanding and or begging for something will get you nothing too.  Be kind, be direct and simply ask for what you want.

People aren’t stupid. They can be understanding to your plight and situations.  So share your feelings.  No one knows what you are thinking…no one knows what you are feeling.  No one knows anything about you until you open up and share.

I have a client whose husband always tells her she isn’t supportive. She’s confused.  Supportive of what?  She’d love to be supportive…if she knew what was going on in his life?  When she asks how his day was at work, he says, “Fine…”  She asks, “What’s going on with work these days…”  His response?  “Not much…”

Okay.  So really….how can someone be supportive if they do not know what is going on in your life.  Your ups and your downs?  SHARE.   See video below…