Best Place To Get Free Stuff

Library for free stuff

It’s so strange how it is free to use, always there, part of our taxes we pay and we always forget to go.


Ours closed for a year to make way for a brand new one and when it was done I’d drive by and think, “yeah…one day I’ll swing by…”

Then I was renting movies at the RedBox when I remembered my mom saying to me, “Why buy a movie and add crap to your house when you can rent it FREE at the library!”

Library for free stuffWHAT???  DAH!!!

We rented (I mean Borrowed 10 videos that week!) and they were all free!

Last week I took my kids to the new library in town and their mouths hung open like kids seeing ice cream for the first time.

My youngest, 8, kept asking me, “I can take this home for free?”

“Yes…” I’d reply.

Then another question, “What about this one…?”

“Yep!” I’d say right back.

He continued to ask about different books and DVD’s…pretty sure this had to be some type of trick or scam.  How could he get to borrow all this stuff and I hadn’t taken him there every week!!

DVD’s, books on any subject you can imagine, books on tape, travel maps, magazines, computer usage, quiet place to study, read or think.  Just a glorious place to fill up time in your summer or weekend.  And it’s good time.  Not TV time.  This is learning time.

(Personally I still can’t understand that dewey decimal system and always require help from the librarian.) But they are there to help!

Best place we all forget to go.  Ever.

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