Best Pizza in Las Vegas Metro Pizza!

Where to find THE Best Pizza in Las Vegas Metro Pizza!

After paying $68 for a 10 oz steak at Strip Steak at the Mandalay Bay I stop several Mandalay Bay employees begging them, “You don’t pay tons for food….where do YOU eat?” When a number of them say, “Metro Pizza” I hug them and say “THANK YOU!”

Metro Pizza is just 2 minutes down Tropicana (okay 5, because there’s always traffic) and when I saw their prices I was so excited and proud of myself for making this discovery that I almost took out a flag, stabbed the ground and declared, “Ahhh….normalcy.”

They even DELIVER their yummy food to your hotel too! 702-736-1955.

The owners grandparents immigrated from Italy and lived 50 yards from the first pizza place in America where they were some of it’s first employees. If that’s not enough to excite you, Metro Pizza takes pride serving the great traditions of America’s landmark Pizzerias.

What that means to YOU? Daily hand-made dough, cooked on stone in hearth ovens and fresh tomato sauces made from the finest picked tomatoes.

(I’m getting hungry….)

They have appetizers, speciality pizzas, stuffed pizzas, regular pizzas, east size pizzas, family size dinners and salads, the people next to me ordered this salad that came out in this gigantic bowl that looked so delicious I couldn’t stop staring. It was also had this giant ball of dough on top. I asked Thomas what it was and he said, “That’s a garlic nut.” I asked for a menu because I was in Vegas and my dirty mind just had to see these words in print. The menu said, ‘Garlic Knot” and I laughed out loud. The neighbors also noticed I was staring at their salad and brought me over a plate of their food! I almost died of embarrassment but graciously took the offer cause I really wanted to try it! It was their most popular salad called; The Domenica Salad. Y U M.

The staff is amazing too. Our waiter at the East Side Location was a guy named Thomas. He was very busy on the night I visited, but he answered all my questions, looked me in the eye and consistently made me feel valued as a customer and fulfilled all our tables needs!

YES! Finally, I found a place that is just like a restaurant I’d have started (if I had $ and a will to work 24/7)

The other wonderful employee I met was a girl named Janice or Janet (my kids and I argued what it was so I’m putting in both cause I’ve been known to be wrong) (did I really say that?). She had long dark hair and helped me with a child that refused to move from a 15 person booth (didn’t I tell you they THRIVE on families – bring in a big group and they will hold you hand and make you happy!) My son refused to move and it was this girl that not only tried to coax my just-woke-up-and-hate-the-world five year old back to our table but she’d come over to give me funny updates on how it was going. My devil-child finally snapped out of it and Janice/Janet filled that table with a family of 12 two minutes later.

Bottom line: Metro Pizza screams of family, traditions, friends, and great food. Their menu is filed with family size portions and if it’s not listed on the menu and you want it…chances are they can do it for you….with a smile.

It was soooo good, even though I was there last night and tonight, we just may be calling for delivery to our hotel room!

To Metro Pizza (if you ever see this): Bravo!!! You can be sure I will visit every time I come to Las Vegas.
















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