Best Cereal Count Chocula from General Mills is BACK in time for Halloween!

Laurie McDermott favorite cereal

There it was.  On the shelf.  Staring at me with Devilish eyes….Count Chocula?!?!!?

I think I screamed.

My kids came running, “MOM!?”

They found me hugging a box of sugary cereal I haven’t seen since I was a kid…happy…it’s back!!  Just in time for Halloween!

I don’t know why General Mills brought them back (Boo Berry, Franken Berry are back too!) (but Count Chocula is the best!  Just saying…) but I don’t care.

We bought 3 boxes.  In case word got out and there was a rush.  I had to be sure I had a solid supply.

My kids were leary at first but soon, I made them lovers.

I know many parents shy away from sugar cereal.  (I am not one of them.)  A good breakfast consisting of any food, is okay by me.  Sugar in the AM is always good cause you have all day to burn it off.  Sometimes I cook my kids eggs & sausage, sometimes pancakes, and sometimes…it’s the sugar cereal.  If you aren’t a fan of the sugar breakfast, cereal for a yummy treat after dinner…leaves kids not wanting for something they can’t have and gets the extra milk into their bods!



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