What to Do In Sedona | Bearizona Drive-Thru WildLife Park


Who does not want to see animals from the window of their car?  Wild animals mere feet from your car?   It’s what every kid dreams of as they sit in the back of the car driving on those long dreary road trips….

That brings in “Bearizona” a giant wildlife park and answer to your boring ride.  It is so close to the highway – immediately right off the interstate between Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon….a perfect location – so you have zero excuse to miss this place!!!

But let’s be clear – Bearizona is not just a zoo, Bearizona is an clear unique adventure!   Driving through in your car is so weird and exciting, you almost feel like you are in Jurassic Park, except there are no dinosaurs.  Yet.

Weird (cool) things about Bearizona:
Sean Casey is the brainchild of Bearizona.  He’s adorable too!  He loves his animals and is constantaly creating visions in the park where recycled items become homes or castles for the animals.  Last I heard he was gearing up to build a hotel on the park so that visitors could have the ultimate experience.  If he hasn’t started already, I’m sure it’s coming soon as Sean seems like the type of man that dreams big and follows them through.  If you get a chance to meet him or talk to him, make sure you take the time.  It’s worth it. He’s a good guy.

How To Do Bearizona?
Bearizona has two parts: A driving part and a walking part.  The walking part can be done at any time – in fact you can do it in the beginning AND at the end.  Doesn’t matter.  What DOES matter is the driving part.  Specially in the summer.  My advice: Don’t do the Driving part when the sun has been beaming heating up the land.  Meaning, get out of the car and use your own barometer.  If you feel it’s really hot or going to be hot, or already WAS hot, that will be your direction/boss of when to do the drive thru part.  Why?  Because what do you do when it’s hot?  Walk, run, or sit on your butt??  Yeah, animals are the same way.  When it’s hot, they sit. And do nothing. That’s a recipe for a boring drive-thru adventure wouldn’t you say??  So pick the time before noon or after 3pm…or unless the weather dictates otherwise.  You will be able to feel it and see what works best on the day you are there.   and the animals are hot, lazy or sleeping – or you will be too.  So hit the ‘walk-through’ part of Bearizona first and THEN head back to do the drive thru part after 2 or 3pm.  

And let’s not forget, there are soooo many other animals besides bears!  Birds, goats, lamas, other fuzzy things I can’t remember the name of….  But to be honest, the bears are the cool part (hence the name??!!) but all animals are pretty cool too.  And for some reason, they all just felt “familiar” to me while visiting Bearizona. Meaning it was like these animals were communicating to me. DO NOT CALL ME CRAZY!!!  Until you watch the video below…watch till the very end…

Okay?  Click it below…and remember…watch the Video below and make sure you watch it till the VERY end.  You’ll be glad you did.


If you are visiting Sedona, my personal recommendations of what to do in and around Sedona is listed below:

1) Out Of Africa:
A Desert Zoo with Swimming Tiger:

2) Slide Rock State Park:
Hm….let’s call this: A natural Water Park!  Just be careful.  It’s nature.

3) Grand Canyon Railway:
Don’t drive to the Grand Canyon, take this train.  Faster. Funner (is that a word?):

4) Blazin M’ Ranch:
Go for dinner.  Because it is NOT another boring restaurant!  NO!  Blazin’ M is Good Eats and super fun wrapped up into one location!