I was scared. I had to drive to Las Vegas by myself. That’s a five hour trip with no one to talk to, no one to listen to, and no one to fight with about where to snack or where to pee. Maybe this WAS a good thing. Specially since I’ve been dying to read that book by Rob Lowe “Stories I only Tell My Friends,” maybe I could get it on audio?

Back in the 80’s I’s like to say Rob and I were friends but that would be lying. To say we were lovers….? Well…that was one sided. I was in love. He didn’t know me. But why was that important? When a boy is that hot and that untouchable, you can think whatever you want.

My sister sent me the book on audio from that audible.com. It appeared in my email and I think I screamed out loud. What a great gift! And it wasn’t even a birthday!

Getting it downloaded was so easy….(and I can barely turn on a computer without it catching fire) I just clicked a few buttons and the whole book was on my iphone.

The day I left for Vegas I wasn’t nervous or worried about the long solo drive…no…! Me and Rob were going to Vegas together!! I was so excited, I think I drove less than 75 miles an hour just so we’d have more time together. He was incredible. I felt like it was just the two of us reliving his past. He never talked about my life. Just his but that was okay….it was so interesting several times I laughed out loud and one time I even forgot I was driving.

Bottom line: The audio book was incredible. The stories he shares are right out of…well someone’s real life! I’m not going to tell you too much more except that if you are thinking of reading this book, READ IT. Or listen to it. I hate wasting time with a crappy book….and this one was so honest and insightful, I really feel like I know him…like Rob and I are friends.

Maybe that’s what he wanted? Ha…maybe I’ll call him for Thanksgiving.