Wet & wild palm springs

Wet & Wild WaterPark in Palm Desert is the place to visit when you head to the desert in the summer!!  I know…I can see you reading at these words thinking:
She’s Crazy?

Wet & wild palm springsPalm Springs in the Summer is the top favorite location of travel for my family because it’s relaxing.  As soon as we pass the Windmills on the 10, it’s as if our bodies go “Ahhhh…” We love the heat of the desert.  Mostly at night.  It screams “SUMMER!!”  But during the day, when hot is everywhere, Wet & Wild WaterPark is a favorite hit spot!


11 reasons:

  1. Water is everywhere.  It’s almost oxymoronic to look at the surrounding dry desert beautiful mountains and be playing in gallons of cold water.
  2. The burgers are amazing.  Go to the stand in the back – Sunset Grill.  Burgers and Dogs cooked to order on our outdoor flame grill!   I felt bad for the girl cooking but she had a fan on her body and a smile on her face. She even talked to me while I was waiting for my food!  Did not expect kindness on top!
  3. Waterslides & and The Toilet Bowl! (to go down with 3 friends!) (my favorite waterslide ride is one I do with others!) (way more fun and they help carry the tube!!)
  4. Wave pool.  Walk in like you are at the beach and ride them waves!
  5. Kahuna’s Beach House water falls from everywhere and slides too! This water to me seemed to be the coldest and the one I would go to when I needed a cool water dip! Very refreshing!
  6. Wet & wild palm springs Wet & wild palm springsSurf!  This is the newest ride to Wet & Wild!  A surf ride where you grab the board and jump or plop (you choose) into the wave!  I even watched one attendant hold a child’s hand as they climbed onto the board.  Very kind and caring of her.  She did not have to take the time to ensure the novice young child had a good experience but she did.
  7. Cool Water!  I’ve read reviews that the water is so cold and reviews that the water is too warm.  Let’s review how we all like our water temperature when take a shower?  Hot and cold varies from one opinion to the other. We all are different.  I noticed that the water is cool in one pool and ride and a bit warmer on others.  This Wet & Wild location is in the desert.  People make S’Mores in the desert during the day, add Sun. Only with water the Sun warms and evaporates.  What you can expect is that the water is always being replenished.  And that is cold water.
  8. Cabana Bar.  Not just for cabana people!  Not just for bar people!!  Get a smoothie! I paid under $6 for a yummy Virgin Pina Colada.  It was so good and so reasonably priced, we went back and got 2 more!   Had it been more expensive I’d have only gotten one.  The 2 people behind the bar on this day were so friendly and so helpful!  I was impressed.
  9. Safety is Diligent. Do not talk to a life guard on duty.  They will give you no eye contact.
    They are busy. Watching your children.  Wet & Wild Life Guards get significant training prior to being hired and ongoing.  Wet & Wild also does internal and external audits to ensure guest safety and care. The Life Guards odd head and leg movements are a method used to scan surrounding water for guests in distress.
  10. Discounts.  Yes waterparks are expensive but there is Groupon, Twilight ticket prices and summer deals online.  So don’t be lazy and complain that it’s too expensive.  Look at little and find a discount that makes it easy to take the kids/family and share some
  11. Laughter.  I heard it everywhere.  It’s contagious.  And makes you feel good!!

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