Perfect Gift For Person Who Has Everything Blessing Bracelet


Perfect gift for person who has everything.  Blessing Bracelet. Its an easy, awesome gift!!

The best gift everThe My Saint My Hero Bracelet.   Why?  It says I love you, You Rock, and I think you are the greatest person who deserves a gift that says so!  It’s THE perfect gift for Mom, Dad, teacher, sister, brother, niece, a friend, anyone you love or care for and need to buy a gift.

This My Saint My Hero Bracelet is the perfect gift!

I teach a program called Love4Life and when one of my fellow teachers purchased one for me, I almost cried.  My emotions screamed: ME?  I deserve something so honorable?  I put it on my wrist and have never taken it off! That was 4 years ago. To this day I still get compliments on it.  And I myself buy these bracelets for others whom I think are just as wonderful and I want them to be sure that they know I feel that way about them!

Isn’t that cool????  I love, love, love, love giving this bracelet!

In fact I stock up and buy 10 of them at a time, specially when Amazon has them on sale. That way they are in my “Gift shelf” when I need a gift for someone and don’t have time to think, buy or shop.  The Benedictine Blessings Bracelet never disappoints.  In fact, it does the opposite.

It’s a hug in a package.
A giant kiss.
A Loud Applause!
A stamp of Approval:  You Rock My Friend!!

benedictine bracelet BlessingsThe best part about the gift is that it comes with the note card inside called, “Blessings.”

BENEDICTINE BLESSING BRACELET wear this bracelet on your wrist to remind yourself that God has given you a mission to make the world a better place , and that you can choose to fulfill that mission by using your hands to do good .

I’ve put the one I have and all my favorites below!   Just click on one and it will take you to Amazon to buy one!

Pick one you like and buy a Blessing Bracelet! Buy 10! Give them to your favorite people or save them for just the right moment when you need one!  My Favorite one is the one up top…in black!

Then there is one called Miracles Woven Blessing Bracelet.  This one is cool too.

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Perfect gift for friends.  Perfect gift for birthdays!  Perfect gift for mom! Perfect gift for Grandma!  Perfect gift for Mothers Day!  Perfect gift for a girlfriend!   Perfect gift for teacher or teachers.  The Blessings Bracelet.   Love! Love! Love!