Yes, Park City in the Summer seems like an odd idea. But who needs snow to ski when Park City Mountain Resort has so much sun to play? So different, or weird, before you leave you’ll be planning when you can come back. Oh, but let’s fix this idea: Park City Mountain Resort is not a hotel. Park City Mountain Resort is an amusement park on a mountain for outdoor adventure people. A bazillion things to do in your tank top and shorts. There’s the Alpine Coaster, the Alpine Slide, the Zip lines, the lift rides, the seemingly endless mountain biking and hiking trails, horseback riding, the legacy launcher, mini Golf, a climbing wall, and for the littlest tikes: several rides that will make busy parents ectatic. Why visit Park City Mountain Resort in the summer?

Four reasons:

1) No gloves or heat warmers on this trip. The Park City Mountain Resort is like a warm blanket of nature that wraps around you till you say, “ahhhh…” The sky is blue. The air is clean. And the animals (yes, the animals) come out. Daily we’d see real live moose roaming and other gopher looking creatures all over the mountain.

2) And you thought it was hard trying to aim your butt onto the ski lift without losing your gloves, hat and goggles? Well….when’s the last time you lifted a bike on a ski lift? Yes! Take your bike to the top of the Park City Mountain Resort and then ride it down! You can’t do that in the snow! Well you can, but they won’t let you.

3) The Alpine Coaster. Better than any ride at Disneyland. Why? Because you control how fast you go straight down the mountain! And…um…this mountain is real! How you move your hand makes the cart go faster or slower. My kids kept dragging me back to ride again….again…again.

4) The Zip Lines. It was scary getting up there knowing I’d be coming down on a string, but after doing it once, I went back and did it three more times. Because as the wind blows against your face and your stomach feels like it’s going to divorce you, you’ll feel so happy and alive, you’ll start plotting what family you’ll bring with you to experience this place next summer. Bottom Line: Summer in Park City is heavenly. Pack the family and go for an adventure.