About Me

I am Laurie McDermott and I am in the Miracle business.

I was adopted from birth.
Lost friends to suicide.
and even almost lost my marriage…

But I never gave up.  And learned that love trumps everything.
That may not be how I start working with someone – but in the end, that’s what you learn:  Love is always the answer.

Oh and these 7 words:

When you want something:  NEVER (ever) GIVE UP!!!

What do you want?
Where are you going?
I will show you how to get there.

Life is not supposed to be easy.  It’s sticky and messy and sometimes we end up with goo on our face…however…life is not about the goo.  It’s about what you do with the goo and what you do after you clean off the goo!

Yet, the older we get, the more ‘crap’ comes flying.  Where do you even begin?  How do you duck from the crap?  How do you pick up and start again?

Let’s be very clear: I am not a therapist.  I will not go back into your life and redo everything and figure out who, what, where, when and why.  Nope.

I see the future.  I help you find your future.  I help you get to your future.

I am a Coach.  Like a baseball coach.  That helps you pick up the bat, stand tall, make that bat smack straight into that ball so it sails straight out of the park!

Therapy goes backwards, I go forward…with hope and optimism.  Because if you get to work with me, failure is not an option.

Let’s go!!!

Contact me now:  lovelifelaurie @ gmail.com  (wife not life)



laurie mcdermott