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Family are jerks.  Friends are mean.  Life is difficult.  Job not going well…Your partner leaves you…your bank account is down to nothing…you get Covid…you lose your job…your parent dies…your best friend commits suicide…your child dies….?



It was great…then good…then shitty.

The older we get the more ‘crap’ comes flying.  Where do you even begin?  How do you begin?  How do you pick up and start again?

I can help.

Let’s be very clear: I am not a therapist.  I will not go back into your life and redo everything and figure out who to blame and why.  Nope.

I am a Coach.  Therapy works with the past, I work with your future.  Work with me, that’s a happy future.  Because if you get to work with me, there is no failure.

Are you Ready?

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love life laurie @  (get it??)

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