I know you know this from reading my site….that I hate wasting money. (Unless you are sending me flowers  or taking me to dinner or on vacation!) (whoo hoo! Spend away on showing your love cause 2nd chances are few!)  So when I saw this article I had to share it with my loyal readers.  The things Dave Ramsey says here are dead on.

(May I add….the coffee thing at #10 is a big one waste of money for me but I haven’t a clue how to make one in my own home!)

10 Things Americans Waste Money On

 We don’t think much about our daily money-wasters . . . but we need to. There are so many places in our daily routine where money can be wasted without us knowing it. It’s ridiculous enough to make a list over—so we did. Here are 10 things we waste money on in America today:

1. Credit card interest

The only thing stupider than buying something you can’t afford is buying something you can’t afford at (insert huge interest rate here). You don’t get jack for the extra money you fork over.  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds:  Pay your credit card off each month or use cash or quit buying crap.  Do you really need another necklace?

2. Deal websites

Hey, remember that time we bought a laser hair-removal deal for 78% off from that startup place all the way across town and used it for the full amount and within the specified time limit? Neither do we.  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds:  Oh…I’m such a victim of this.  So much so I told Groupon I was breaking up with them.

3. Appetizers

Restaurants already have lunch and dinner portions so big you need a box to bring home the leftovers. Why pay an extra six bucks to get something that will take up more room in your stomach before the main meal is even brought out?  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds:  I don’t know…sometimes buying apps only saves you money:  they come out of the kitchen faster and if you order several, you get full and get the variety we all crave in life.

4. ATM fees

When we use a bank that is not ours, it charges us. Then our bank charges us again. Don’t think that it’s just two bucks here or $3 there. It adds up, and don’t even get us started on the overdraft fees that could result from bounced checks. (TLE -The Life Expert) adds:   If you see a fee, walk into your bank and get it removed.  They will remove it but you have to ask.  Most people don’t.  Not cause they are lazy but cause it’s not worth your time.  (I think banks know this!) Then if they don’t remove the fees, leave your bank.

5. Overdraft fees

For these, there’s just no excuse. If you add correctly and spend less than you make, you’ll never pay a dime of overdraft fees. Fees result from sloppiness, pure and simple.   (TLE -The Life Expert) adds:  Yeah, I’ve been this stupid.  Again, ask for them to waive it and they do.  If they don’t….nah, don’t move banks…..it’s really your fault for being stupid.  Don’t do it again.

6. Speedy shipping

Seriously? Do we think that book or those clothes we ordered online are so important that we can’t wait four to 14 days for a package to arrive? With priority shipping, the only thing that moves faster than the package toward you is your money—away from you.  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds:  Dave Ramsey has obviously never forgotten to get a birthday gift and the ridiculous shipping is worth saving you time, gas, effort and a trip to the mall!

7. Designer baby clothes

Also known as “glorified stain gatherers.” Why do we spend $20 on a “Feed me or no one sleeps” T-shirt that is three ticks away from being covered with breakfast? On top of that, they’ll wear it two or three times before either outgrowing it or the season changing.  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds: My 3 babies wore those one piece white onesies for the first 6 months of their life.  I even got permanent markers to decorate them.  Very smart savings cause they just shit or barf on all of them.  The nice stuff it just for the 2-3 days a month you have to present barf-baby to relatives.

8. Unused gym memberships

How is it that so many people join a health club around the New Year’s Day resolving to lose weight and there are so many empty treadmills come January 15? Unlike the commitment, the monthly dues don’t stop. Besides, you can run around the block for free.  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds: Keep the membership AND your commitment to you body.  M-F, Go to the gym!!  Just go. Same time every day.  When you look and feel like a stud muffin, the little monthly dues are laughable.

9. Premium cable packages

Not only do we not watch 90% of the channels that are on, but with so many “reality” shows and specialized stations, TV as a concept is about as rich as a person who lives paycheck to paycheck.(TLE -The Life Expert) adds:  I don’t even watch reality shows. And with Apple TV….I get this point too!

10. Daily coffee trips

Back before coffee shops started popping up on every street corner, people brewed it themselves. We as a culture seem to have gotten away from that. And you don’t need the caffeine to get your heart thumping—just take a look at how much money you dish out for that sugary concoction over a month or two.  (TLE -The Life Expert) adds: SEE ABOVE!  It’s funnier and if I repeat it, you will think I’m abnormal.

This article was taken from the AMAZING Dave Ramsey’s website.  Did I mention he was brilliant?  Yeah.  I did.  He is.  Go here and look for more tips on saving money.