how to save money at the theater

With the price of a movie ticket as high as (heart clutching) $13 for adults, and a small bucket of popcorn another gasper of $8…a family of can easily spend $54 just to go to a theater and see a movie!  And don’t forget – That’s before popcorn, candy, and cokes.

Which is why one has to get creative if they want to enjoy watching a movie out of the house!

Here’s our suggestions:

tips on saving money going to the moviestips on saving money going to the movieshow to save money at the theater1) Bring a stuff with you!  A soda in your pocket?  Sure!  Heck you can even walk in stuff from McDonald’s or another eatery.  No one stops you anymore!  And if they did, claim diet restrictions and that Mickey D’s is the only edible meal you can stomach.  (watch how they completely understand…)
2) Pop popcorn at home, put in a zip lock bag and bring it with you! See the popcorn to the left?  It’s the size of my hand and cost $8!
3) Swing by CVS or Walgreens and  give each kid $2 to buy whatever they want.  (When boxed candy is $4 for one box at the theater, even the kids will think this is a grand idea!  AND you’ll teach them how to value their own money!)
4) Order a movie at home – sometimes it’s only $4.  And if you make it an event, “Friday, we will watch xyz movie here at home!” they will be excited!  And make it fun!!  If you put out all the fixings from what is eaten at the theater, they will love the memory too.
5) Go to the early show (hello discount) or that old theater that has weekly ‘movie night specials!’
6) That one kid that’s under 7?  Feel free to blow off buying them a ticket and if questioned, tell everyone “He never watches the movie anyway!”
7) Ask your company if they can do a group ticket buy with the theater of your choice.  Sometimes movie theaters offer discounts to companies that purchase a bunch of tickets to sell to employees.  That price can be as low as half the cost at the theater (as long as they movie has been out more than 2 weeks.  If you don’t work for a big company, maybe a friend does?  I have several friends that work at big companies and buy theater tickets for me!  Helping their company sell the tickets they have – everyone wins!

Bottom Line:  Movies show us real life and make us laugh, cry and inspire us to be better people.  I know I need reminders often.  Sometimes just the memory of going to the movies with a special someone or your kids is a reminder of how lucky you are to have money and time to even go to the theater!  And if you learn something or laugh on the way…yeah team!