LA Food & Wine Festival: Eat, Drink and Marry…Anyone


“LA Food and Wine Festival: A Night to Eat, Drink and Marry…Anyone”

It was the first annual LA Food and Wine Festival and I was more excited to be invited to an outside street party than I was about the food or the wine.  

Why?   Wine makes me sleepy and when it comes to chefs creating new different foods, I run in fear.  I’m a simple eater, the most adventurous I get is putting pepper flakes on sausage pizza.  But being from Chicago gives me on edge, I love going out and I love a good party.  And I love hanging with comedian Kathy Griffin!

The LA Food and Wine Festival was both of those and more!   Thankfully I brought a pal with me, Manhattan Beach veterinarian, Kathy Gilman-Hardin, who is such a try-anything-foodie she actually squealed meeting top chefs and seeing the wild variety of foods offered at booth after booth during the LA Food and Wine Festival. 

While they had several ‘familiar food’ beef booths (lines for these were not short) the well-known restaurant owner-chefs (from LA to Vegas to Chicago to the Big Apple) served and presented  Alpaca, Eel, Shark and names of fish I have never heard.

But the red carpet was long and wide and the music flowing from the stage was perfect.  It was a party to remember touted by celebrities everywhere.  Well, if you were looking they were everywhere…if you weren’t looking there was just a whole lot of pretty people to talk to, laugh with or gawk at.  And on this awesome night in front of LA Live and Staples Center I did all three.

Watch for the 2nd annual next year and get tickets!  Well worth the money, if only for the food…oh and the wine…and did I mention the food and the wine?   

Kathy Hardin, Laurie McDermott, Kathy Griffin

Kathy Hardin, Randy Jackson, Laurie McDermott

Kathy Hardin, Eric Stonestreet  (Modern Family), Laurie McDermott

Laurie McDermott in a car she’ll never own…cause it’s too small for ten cup holders