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What do you want to know about me?

First I have to say, “thank you!”  I know how busy you are and I’m humbled and grateful that you like what you see on this site enough to click to learn more about me. is a place to share with you and others what I’ve learned over many years of happy and yucky moments in my own life.

If someone told me the bad parts of life: suicide, death, divorce, children dying, cheating, lies, terror, evil people would be popping into my life here and there just to terrorize me….I’d have asked God for a refund.  “Bring me home now, sir.”

Instead, I’ve learned to face each of these challenges with eyes, ears (and sometimes my mouth) wide open.  Ready to ask, understand and find compassion.

Really, I don’t know the answers to anything…I only know how to climb up, out of the crap and keep going….with a smile on my face looking out at a world that sometimes feels like it’s out to get you.

I have put my all into every single one of these stories on this site and hope they all make an impact on your in some way that either inspires you or makes you feel like you are normal.  Because if those things happen, then I’m doing my job well.

If you came here for the business side of things like to book me to speak at your event…well that stuff is listed below.

Thank you again for subscribing and being a fan.  I am forever grateful that you enjoy my writing and videos.  Stay in touch and please send me comments!!

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Disclaimer:  Laurie McDermott is not perfect.  (laugh LOUD here) she is actually perfectly content at being impossibly imperfect every single day of her life.