Monday, November 30, 2020
i hate camping

9 Reasons Why I Do Not Like To Camp

Here are the 9 reasons I do not like to camp. 1)  I spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person. 2) Every little tiny thing you need, you must pack, bring there, unpack, repack,...
marriage problems

Why She’s Divorced (A woman’s perspective)

As most of you know, I'm of the belief that if you aren't being abused, beaten or there isn't any type of mental problems (drinking, drugs, etc) that a marriage can work - you...

Reincarnated? Another Story From My Child

We are Catholic. I've said it before, it's our faith that holds our beliefs.    There really is no proof to say there is a Heaven, there isn't a heaven or where we go from here...
Laurie McDermott Allergic to Negative people

Debbie Downer Is The New Name of My 15 Year Old Teen Boy

How can you not have fun at a water park? Really???  What is not to love? Slippery slides inducing heart-pounding laughter and amusement?  118 degree weather to make you sweat just standing still that you actually embrace crashing...
What is life

Incidents…? Are They Angels? Circumstances? Or Life?

I did not want to go on the trip because I was in an argument with my boyfriend (who I wanted to break up with) and felt I just couldn't leave town without doing the right...

LaCrosse Anyone? This is Roc.

Last week the coaches of my youngest's LaCross team snapped a GoPro on my kids head and said, "Hey, you want to do this?" Sure. The below is a promo for their LaCrosse company that teaches...
Roc Dillman Rose Bowl Ka Jana Carter

Ka Jana Carter at Rose Bowl in Hall of Fame

I know....what is this doing as a title here with the travel writer? Well.  I'm married to a fan of Penn State.  That means I'm adopted into all the fun that goes along with anything...
the Imperfect Pop tart

Kellogg’s Pop Tart Abnormality

Just my luck huh? I rave about my obsession with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts and the next morning we open a package of the yummy snack and there is an imperfection! The kids found it...
Meg & Roc Dillman Matching Elves

Why You Should Buy Christmas Pajamas For Family

I saw it at CPK. A little kid in the cutest holiday, elf pajamas I'd ever seen!  As far as I could tell, this 5 year old kid looked like a real elf. He was an...
scary jump

How To Say GoodBye To a Girlfriend

This guy is hilarious.  If he was my boyfriend I'd KILL him.  But as a bystander, it's really funny.   Not sure what she was going with a guy like this expecting him not...

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