Monday, November 30, 2020

Cake Making Takes Talent….that I don’t have.

I had to look closer.  Was that guy REAL?  Well...real meaning edible? The birthday cake at the pizza party had a few of these guys and was so amazing! Like a 3 year old staring at...
Boy looking up Girl dress

Boys Will Be Men | Kid Looking up a Girl’s Skirt

Men don't like shopping.  Little boys hate it. Unless they get creative using what the really like and their Iphone. This is Roc...he is 6.  Don't Judge me.  
kid left alone in restaurant

What Happens When You Leave A Toddler Alone

What Happens When You Leave A Toddler Alone....? I noticed.  It was odd.  This kid was sitting by himself at a booth.  In a high chair.  Where were his parents?  No one was around.  I...
writer comic Dave Barry

How Men Live…Mapped Out By Comedy Writer Dave Barry

According to Dave Barry, a brilliant comedian and author of many books, the typical male goes through many lifestyle phases which can be easily mapped out according to the chart below:  AGE... PHASE.... INTERESTS 0-2 ......Infancy......

Best Scary Funny Video

I do not like to share other people's stuff  (or is it peoples')  but this video made me laugh out loud.  LOUDLY out loud. Course by the end....I began to feel sympathy for those getting...
Roc Dillman drinks his cafe

Why I Teach My Kids to Make Coffee

It's a rule.  When it comes from the ground it has to be good right?   (Oh...except Marijuana and Opium!) (Though some may say these are healthy!) Either way, coffee (when using those little packets or...

Comedy On The Road…Oregon

Whoever said, "Laughter is THE best medicine." should be knighted...or given some cash. Life is too short not to find the funny in anything...everything.... (okay..sometimes what makes a disaster funny is TIME) But when you laugh, I...

The Redneck Family Love Poem

This poem was written in 1912.  And won several awards.  My friend Heather Higgins found it and is speaking about it in DC tonight.  Great funny poem - worth a read! Redneck Love Poem –...

Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show -Jan 12 & 13

It's such a time hog to call and look up potential places to spend the family vacation. Which is why I love the travel show.  All the places I want to go in ONE place....
true tales of an airport bar at LAX

Cute Dogs Allowed At Airport Bars! Ugly Ones – Nope

Cute Dogs Allowed At Airport Bars!  Ugly Ones - Nope.  Can you imagine the discrimination law suits??  I was kidding about the ugly dogs.  They don't exist!! I work in a bar.  At the Airport....

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