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When I find something I love, I have to promote it!!  I am not a big shopper because I hate wasting time. I need to know what is the best when I need it.  If something is listed here...please know and trust that I've tried it and it's well worth your $.  Otherwise, it won't be here.  I'm picky and want to remain your trusted product rep.  If you love something and it's not here - send it to me!!  I'm always up for trying anything!

Best Shaved Ice in Los Angeles Brian’s

Best Shaved Ice in Los Angeles Brian's  Every since I had Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Hawaii, I've become a Shaved Ice Snob. If it's not light, fluffy and covered with the sugary-milk stuff, I won't touch...

How to Get a Kid to Clean

The best way to get a kid to clean is to show him the Big strong Bald guy (who looks like a Genie from a bottle) Tell him it’s a toy.  Then watch the...

LA Food & Wine Festival: Eat, Drink and Marry…Anyone

“LA Food and Wine Festival: A Night to Eat, Drink and Marry…Anyone" It was the first annual LA Food and Wine Festival and I was more excited to be invited to an outside street party than...
Trampoline or playset

Is It Better To Have a Trampoline or Play Set

What to buy?   A trampoline or a playset for my kids?  Ugh!  It's a big choice as both are not cheap.  What do you pick? Here's my simple answer: If a majority of your Kids...

Girls Night Out Drink Wild Blue Martini!

Who doesn't want a memoriable night out when gathering with the girls? Then why not have a signature drink? These Blue Martini's are fun and delicious and are a party in a glass!!  Cause you can’t...

Wanda’s Best Beef Chili Recipe Ever

Okay...this is the best beef chili I've EVER had.  Wanda (yes, really, her mother named her Wanda. And it's not short for Wandaleen or Wandashellski) is a woman that loves to give her talents...

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