Thursday, October 22, 2020

Brayden Belden is an Inspiration

He was sitting with his mom and sister when I met him.  He was quiet and calm as he ordered his food and drink.  I thought nothing of him (except that he was a...
jeff rosen best reporter

Jeff Rossen TV Reporter is Successful Investigative News Reporter

Jeff Rossen TV Reporter is Successful Investigative News Reporter. If you've never seen him on the Today Show, you are missing out.  Not only does he have great on-camera presence, he's curious...and he's tenacious. Just look...
kristen c Wank

Kristen C Wank

Imagine asking someone to do something and they DO it. Do you know anyone like that? Are you like that? When someone asks you to do something, are you that person that just does it? What about if...
People are good

People Are Good

There is that quote from the smallest of small...a girl who barely lived...a girl who barely saw good. Anne Frank. She wrote in her diary, "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." Wow. Brilliant. Just imagine what our world would...
Laurie McDermott with Flashpants Band

Best 80’s Band – Flashpants

It was a Saturday night. I was just going to get a drink with some buddies and be home by 9pm to hang with my kids, finish some dishes and work on emails (I never...
Chris super soul sunday

Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness…Meet Chris

Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness...Meet Chris...What is missing from his life?  Do you think he is happy or not happy because of it? Teaching a kid to love themselves isn't hard if you...
real dinosaurs

Parents Work Together to Make Dinosaurs Real!

  Today when you look at your kids…remember to keep in mind, you will never get this day or time back. All you have is now. The parents in the below story know this and together they...
Laurie McDermott and Stefan Gordy LMFAO

Why I Was Naked When I Met Stefan Gordy From LMFAO

After my massage at Trilogy Spa I wanted tea.  There was a man sitting right next to the tea dispenser busy texting on his IPad.  Next to him was an entire empty, clear booth. Pretending...
Lisa Oberst best home designer manhattan beach

Change Your House….Change Your Life…Lisa Oberst Can Help!

I have three kids....they drop crap do I. It was only after I bought some plaques about "" that Lisa Oberst, the queen of designing the inside of your home, entered my life. My biggest...
Funny Happy Father's Day Video

Happy Father’s Day! Hilarious Funny Video!


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