TradeWinds Island Grand Resort vs Guy Harvey Outpost Hotel St Pete Beach


TradeWinds Island Grand Resort vs Guy Harvey Outpost.

Which one to pick??? Here is your best help to answer that question.

Thinking of traveling on vacation to St Pete Beach in Florida and looking at the Tradewinds Island Resort…but google keeps telling you about “Guy Harvey” and now you’re getting confused?  I, the jet setting travel writer, was confused, so I can only imagine how you may feel so I decided to write this article to detail the differences of both properties so you can fully understand and be able to make your personal vacation choice based on what each has to offer.

Here is the deal:  There are two properties owned by the same operating company TradeWinds.  Tradewinds Island Grand Resort and Guy Harvey Resort.  They are both on the same beach and both have lots to offer.  Location wise on the beach, they are the same.  They both face the same West direction and there is no advantage over another for it’s beach location in proximity to anything else.  So let that part go from your worries.

Big note:  While you can use everything at either hotel if you are booked at one, these two hotels are not right next to each other.  They are separated by another different hotel.  Yet walking to and from the hotels is very very easy.  (Like going past your next door neighbors house to go to the house next to them!)  It’s just a short walk on the beachside sand (you’ll need shoes as the sand on this beach has many shells) or walk on the sidewalk in the front of the hotels.  I walked between the hotels 3-4 times a day.  Not a big deal, lots of time on the beach and it was always sunny and a fun walk.  My kids weren’t fazed at all either.  I do think they enjoyed walking that walk at times simply because it gave them a wee bit of freedom in a contained area.

Other question to address?  “What is a Guy Harvey?”  A Guy Harvey is actually a person.  If you aren’t from Florida or the South, you may not know he’s a famous wildlife artist from Jamaica.  His artwork and influence is all over the Guy Harvey Outpost Hotel.

But let’s be clear, there are benefits to both too.

Let me list them for you:

TradeWinds Island Grand Resort:
More Congested.
Bigger hotel.
Lots of activities to do.
More expensive than Guy Harvey.
More pools.
More dining choices
Several bars
Bungee trampoline
3 stores
Floating Waterpark “The Island”
Huge Slide
Paddle board lagoon
Mini Golf.
Beach cabanas.

Guy Harvey Outpost.
Less Congested.
Easy to navigate.
Less Expensive than Tradewinds Island Grand Resort
Marine theme – eye candy.
Touch tank.
Turtle walk
S’mores Nightly.
1 main pool.
Hammocks everywhere.
Central outside bar next to pool.
Fire pits with cozy couches.
Surfing Modules.
Beach cabanas.
Tanked Rum Fish Grill – has the largest fish tank ever.  Eat dinner and swim with the fishes while others are eating dinner.  35,000 gallon fish tank.

The Bottom Line:  No matter where you stay you can use the facility’s at both places.…which is really cool.  

Both places share one long beach and on the beach there is SAND.  Here are My Must Bring Suggestions:
Beach Blanket:  Sure you can bring a towel but a towel is like a sand whore.  Sand in the towels = sand in the room.  Yuck.  This sand proof blanket travels well…squishes into a teeny tiny bag!
Sand Shoes:  This sand at this beach is filled with shells.  Great for kids!  Bad for feet!  Sand shoes will save you!  Try Walmart for sizes.
WaterProof Beach Bag:  A Must!  The ocean flows with the tides and if you aren’t paying attention – one wave into a non-water proof bag will kill your chips, clothes and not to mention your not too cheap Iphone.  This waterproof bag is the bomb!  Blue and white stripe and has a rope handle.  It’s an item that makes you not only look like you belong near the ocean…You own it!

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